Friday, 16 May 2014

Food Friday: 14 days sugar free

Two weeks ago, I have seen the tag #14suikervrij tag on instagram. Suikervrij means sugarfree and the purpose of this project was to cut refined sugar for 14 days. No sugar, no sweets, even when hidden in products you.
I decided to try, I have started last week Tuesday (On Monday we were on holiday therefore I have decided to not bore about sugar) and now I am 10 days further
In this post I will describe how I have achieved to cut refined sugar and how difficult I have found it.
I normally buy fresh ingredients for our meals and we normally don’t eat ready to eat food. I also don’t drink fruit juices, and I thought it was also a good point to leave cookies and chocolate for a while.  We also do not eat many products where sugar is hidden (sauces, ketchup…), but when you start read ingredients of foods it is surprising that sugar is almost everywhere… It is in mayonnaise, when it should not to (my grandma never put sugar in mayonnaise!), it is in chips, and it is in peanut butter and in most of supermarket product.
Sugar free on budget
First thought was to check the shops of organics groceries, there are several in town. But let’s be honest, if I start to buy everything organic I will double my food budget, therefore I had to make choices. I like to go shopping, even for groceries, so it has not been a challenge to have a look at the supermarkets in the shop mall here, and I must say that after a round I have understood that is possible to eat healthy even on budget. Let’s make the example of peanut butter, I have seen a discount peanut butter which has more nuts and no sugar and it costs half of a top brand which has the same ingredients.
Fruit and vegetables, I buy at the local market on Saturday, they are good product and they cost much less than in the supermarket.
Well, I can say it is possible to eat sugar free (and healthier) without doubling the budget
And now some practical tips
Do not use mix, or packaged food. Use fresh ingredients, add spices and you will get a delicious meal (and it will be cheaper, just to stay on the budget subject) without artificial flavors.
DO not drink fruit juices; they are full of sugar and preservatives. Avoid as much as possible soft drinks (Light and Zero beverages included)
Avoid snacks, the granola bars which looks so healthy are full of refined sugars
If you want something sweet dried fruits, fruits, smoothies… In the 14 days sugar free I am avoiding every kind of sugar, but otherwise I eat  dark chocolate, or yogurt with honey

Here some examples of what I am eating during the 14 days sugar free
Breakfast: yogurt (I like the greek yogurt, but it is quite fat, therefore I switch from greek yogurt or fat free yogurt every other day), fruit, (unsweetened) oat flakes, nuts. 

Snack: cucumber slices, fruit smoothie, sugarfree pancakes (recipe will come), fruit.. One snack I really like is carrot sticks dipped in hummus. A rice cracker with peanut butter and nuts  is also one of my favourites

Lunch: I normally bring a salad with me from home. We have a canteen but it is cheaper to bring my own lunch, not to mention that I have no idea about the ingredients used for food there. And bringing lunch is a perfect way to no waste dinner leftovers

Dinner: pasta with homemade sauce, rice with vegetables, meat (not breaded), fish, I just avoid ready mix and packages and there is no problem

Other suggestions are on my instagram account, or with tag #14suikervrij
Should you also try to cut all sugar for 14 days?


  1. MMMMmmm, perchè no? mi pare appetitoso comunque e dato che mi s ono messa a regime da 2 gg, potrebbe essere uno stimolo in più ;-) Ciao!!!

  2. Ciao CreaDin, grazie di essere passata dal mio blog. Sono vergognosamente in ritardo con i post, ma spero di recuperare adesso che sono tornata dalle vacanze (e ho ricominciato a mangiare senza zucchero)